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How to Start Keto Correctly - Dr. Berg


welcome today we're going to show you how to  start keto correctly and this is for beginners   what are we trying to do we're trying to switch  what your body is running on as far as fuel-wise


so we want to switch from burning sugar fuel to  fat fuel there's this one hormone called insulin   which is the key to determine whether you're going  to burn fat or burn sugar so you want to keep it


low to burn fat when it goes higher your body  will burn sugar very simply lower your carbs   and eat less meals that's different than  lowering your calories now by eating less meals 


you are going to lower your calories but that's  not the goal you could actually eat larger meals   just not as frequent why is it a good idea to  eat less frequent meals because every time you   eat you trigger insulin every time you eat carbs  you trigger insulin so we're just trying to lower 


this insulin the combination between these two  are very very powerful so what are you going to   eat in a meal well first thing you have to eat  low carb so you want to cut down all your carbs 


that includes sugar and i'm talking about honey  agave nectar brown sugar white sugar date sugar   all sugar you can replace it in various  recipes with what's called sugar alcohols  

i put some links down below of examples of  that so you can learn about that but there's   these sweet alternative sugar sources that  you can use so that means that when you go   buy food you have to start reading the labels  and looking at the sugar content you want it  

as close to zero as possible you want to  avoid fruit except for berries there's   three berries raspberries strawberries and  blackberries you can have those in small amounts  

but no other fruit especially apples grains like  wheat flour that they make breads pasta cereal   crackers biscuits you want to avoid that but  guess what there's a substitute there's a people  

use almond flour to make all sorts of things from  pizza crust to bread to you name it so there's a   lot of recipes that you can use as an alternative  grain avoid starches like potatoes but guess what   there's all these recipes that you can make out of  cauliflower that is very similar to the starches  

not identical but you can make things that are  very close to tasting like mashed potatoes you can   even make a cauliflower crust for your pizza it's  quite good now when i say cut out all the carbs 


there's an exception vegetables in fact you want  to consume more vegetables at least seven cups you   know even more that could be salads or other types  of vegetables like bell peppers like cabbage like  

broccoli kale brussels sprouts and at this level  that i'm teaching you you can even do carrots and   tomatoes beets don't worry about that you can have  those and the last point about vegetables is that  

ideally if you eat them first it's going to be a  lot easier to consume seven cups than after you   have the protein and fat because this is going to  fill you up pretty fast so i always consume the   vegetable first now you can consume it at the same  time but just as a strategy to make sure you get  

3:30enough vegetables in your diet i like to consume  these first because very few people consume enough   vegetables and one last point vegetables provide  two things they provide food for your microbes  

that then help your blood sugars and help give you  energy also they provide a lot of nutrients like   potassium and magnesium and even vitamin c because  what are we trying to do we're trying to do keto 


correctly and by correctly i mean healthily okay  number two moderate protein not massive amounts   like in the atkins diet but moderate amounts  that could be depending on your size and   your metabolism and your age between three and  eight ounces maybe you're 18 years old and you 


work out hardcore you're gonna need maybe more  protein so rather than have a little scale and   measure it just consume protein the size of the  palm of your hand maybe a little bit more a little 


less okay just to kind of keep it really simple at  this level what type of protein different types of   meat fish chicken seafood eggs cheese unless you  have an allergy or any type of severe gut issue  

nuts or nut butters also make sure that  you if you buy peanut butter or whatever   you read the ingredients to make sure it doesn't  have added sugar you don't want to add sugar to   any of these because sometimes when you have  like deli meats they have dextrose in there or  

extra sugar if you're having bacon  they have extra sugar added you   preferably keep the sugar away from your protein  all right with the protein as far as the order of   when you eat it you just ate your vegetable  your salad now you start with your protein


the key with the protein is not to consume lean  protein or low fat protein try to consume protein   that has more fat why because that's go

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