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What ~Exactly~ Is the Keto Diet?


you always hear the term keto diet or ketogenic diet. Let me explain it to you. The body needs energy. And the primary source of energy is sugar. Carbohydrates get converted into sugar, and our body uses that primarily as energy because we eat so much sugar.

However, there are alternative fuels, something called ketone bodies. And ketone bodies are created when your body and your liver take fat, stored fat, and fat that you eat, and convert them into ketone bodies.

And so your body now, instead of using sugar Uses those. Is going to use the ketones. And the beauty of it is this. That because the stored fat is being used to convert it into ketones, you start losing weight and you start dropping sizes

because you are reducing those fat cells. These are your fat stores, these marbles. Okay, so we put our marbles into ourselves. As you can see, the body is not using our fat stores. It's not dropping down to the bottom of the canister.

However, this is sugar, which we all eat too much of. And so, as you can see here, our body uses the sugar. It drops down because our body uses it preferentially. However, when you run out of sugar, or you starve yourself from sugar,

this is why we call them low carb/high fat diets. When you do that, all the sudden your body says; well, where am I gonna get energy from? It has no choice but to eat the fat. I has no choice, it takes the fat. And not the fat drops, and you use it as energy. So carbs are your enemy in this program,

which I disagree with cause carbs are very important for us. But, you have to stay away from grains, rice, you have to stay away from certain fruits. You have to stay away from all kind of sugars. You have to stay away from tuberous vegetables. Sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes, white potatoes. White potatoes, right. So these are things you have to avoid because if you eat these things, then your body's gonna start... Burning that, right. Using this preferentially, instead of the ketones which come from your fat. Things that you can have, now I like this; steak, salmon... But you would put barbecue sauce all over it.

You better believe it. (laughs) Which you're not gonna be allowed, cause it has sugar. That's right. But salmon, fish, chicken. You can have leafy greens and eggs. So these are the kinds of things that you can have. But also you want to have fat. Remember... You can have whole fats, right. This is a high fat diet.

So things like high fat dairy, butter. You can have some fruit by the way. You can have nuts, which are a source of good fat, olive oil, avocado oil, and vegetables that grow above the ground. Now, let me show you what it looks like you're going to be eating.

It's called a pie chart, or a keto chart. So there are three macro nutrients we eat in our diet. Macro nutrient meaning we need these things in large supply. So, in the keto diet, you're going to have 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs.

This is the balance that needs to be maintained in order for the keto diet to work. If for some reason... If that math's off, it will not work. It will not work, and you will not be in ketosis and it's not gonna happen. Now, one way you can tell if you're in ketosis

are these things called keto sticks, okay? Wow, this is complicated, man. I'm lost even at the cheat sheet. I would suck at this quiz is all I'm sayin. So you take this dip stick, you put it in your urine because that's where we see ketone bodies.

We excrete them in our urine, and what happens is if you look here at the color chart, in 15 seconds it's gonna come up with a color. Wow. And here's the graphic to tell you. Now, some people make the mistake of thinking; well, obviously if I want to be in ketosis, the more the better. Not so.

You actually want to stay in the moderate range. And one thing too, by the way, real fast... This isn't something you can sort of do. No. You have to be on top of it. And you cannot exercise very intensely because you tend to have lower energy on the keto diet because you have very few carbs. Sounds like you're gonna be a very grumpy jerk. (laughter)

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