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best types of honey


When you want to buy honey, you will be surprised that it is different and sources, and from the flowers that bees feed on, this honey is sweet and this is good for skin use. This is ordinary raw honey and this is unfiltered, healthy, and delicious. Bee Choose a wildflower

Honey can be classified into including the following
Table honey is sweet honey that is sold plain to be consumed raw or as a sweetener in cooking or beverages. Honey, often known as sugar honey, is made:
Since it does not meet all the internationally authorized requirements necessary to be available in it, it is inferior in quality
In this article, arrange for you the best type of honey. To facilitate in choosing the best type of honey for you

best type kinds of honeys


There are many various of regular honey in regions across, depending on the type of nectar used to make it, and each type has its own, fragrance, density, as well as varied proportions of the key honey components.

new Zealand honey kinds

this is considered the best and good at all Because the bees that make it live on natural materials, it is disease-free, and country beauty, clean environment, and quantity of flower contribute to the quality of honey produced there.

Greek Hymetos

Since it is produced in the southeast of Athens, this classes is very old. Blossom raw, however, is distinguished by its purity and the lack of chemicals in it due to the clean environment in which it is produced, it is one of the finest types of honey

Sidr raw

This is the most expensive honey that costs $180 per pound. Produced twice a year in February January and April through May from Sidr trees in Yemen’s Hadhramaut Mountains and Saudi Arabia, it is very old and delicious, with a history of nearly 700 years. Sidr honey is dark brown and has a beautiful taste and is healthy
Sidr honey is used to treat digestive problems and liver diseases, as well as to strengthen immunity and protect the body from cancer

Manuka Honey

Produced deep in the tropics in August or October, this is chemical-free and has health benefits like the skin and some of the best Manuka honey on the planet


Capers from the capers plant in the wild. Capers honey is beneficial in the treatment of liver, heart, and digestive system problems. It’s to treat anemia and arthritis, as well as to improve sexual performance and treat impotence.


is from the eucalyptus plant, and it has an amber color, a distinct scent, also and a high great flavor. of its most notable benefit is that it helps to cleanse the body of toxins, treat respiratory problems, and evacuate phlegm.

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